Tips and Tricks that Help You Save Money on Train Tickets in India

Tips and Tricks that Help You Save Money on Train Tickets in India

Tips and Tricks that Help You Save Money on Train Tickets in India

Do you know there are certain ways you can save money on your train tickets? No doubt railway is already an affordable means of public transport, but if you still look to save more money, check out the secrets in this blog.

  1. Skip Missing Train – Stay in touch with where your train is running by tracking the live train running status. Train booking applications like Quick Tatkal allow you to track your train’s live location and know the estimated arrival and departure time from your station.

    Checking live status benefits you in many ways:
    a) No need to wait too long at the station – You can know when your train will arrive and leave your home accordingly to escape waiting too much for the train at the station.
    b) Reach the station early if the train is ahead of time – Your train may arrive earlier than the stipulated time. By checking the live train status, you can know about it and reach the station early.
    c) Cancel ticket in advance if you know you can’t reach – If you already know you won’t be able to reach the station before your train departs, you can cancel your ticket. Though you won’t get a refund, at least you can avoid rushing to the station and save time.

  2. Try Split Travel – In a long journey, you can save money by splitting your trip into parts. The ticket price for your final destination may be too high, but if you buy two cheap tickets for separate stations falling in your way, you can save a lot.
    For example – You have to travel from station ‘X’ to ‘Z,’ which costs 800 INR, and many stations are falling in between, including station ‘Y.’ Instead of buying a direct ticket from ‘X’ to ‘Z,’ you can split your journey from ‘X’ to ‘Y’ (Ticket charges – 350 INR) and then from ‘Y’ to ‘Z’ (Ticket Charges – 350 INR) – total charges are 700 INR. Thus it saves you 100 INR.
    Surprisingly, the train and route are the same, but still, there’s a significant difference in direct and split journey charges. Therefore, you must give it a try.
  1. Make Advance Booking – Why delay booking your tickets when you have already planned your travel?
    The train ticket portal opens 120 days in advance, and if you have a pre-planned journey, then it’s better to make the ticket booking at the earliest to avoid last minute rush. Booking earlier at least gives you a confirmation guarantee of the ticket. The longer you delay, the lower the chances of confirmation, and you might make a Tatkal booking then, which is too expensive, and the confirmation guarantee is missing. Moreover, their cancellation policy is also rigid.
  1. Get Cashback via Online Ticket Booking Apps – Before heading towards the IRCTC website, consider choosing a reliable train ticket booking app. Apps like QuickTatkal might give you extra cashback on the train ticket amount paid by you. Often specific other discounts and offers are running, so have a trustable app installed on your phone.
  2. Book via IRCTC SBI Card – In collaboration with the State Bank of India (SBI), IRCTC has launched a platinum credit card that helps you get discounts and rewards. You can use these cards to book train tickets for AC1, AC2, AC3, and AC CC through mobile applications and earn up to 10% value back in reward points. Furthermore, you can save 1% on transaction fees for train ticket booking.
  3. Prefer Sleeper Class – During good weather conditions; you need not opt for air-conditioned travel. Instead, you can enjoy the outside weather while traveling in a sleeper class. The fresh air and ambiance you get in sleeper class are incomparable. To feel the real India travel in sleeper class, not only will it refresh your mind but also save you many bucks.
  4. Travel in Low-priced Trains – You can save much money by choosing a price-optimized train. Traveling in Rajdhani/Shatabdi and other superfast trains is okay, but only when you are in a hurry. If you have ample time or no emergency approaching you, you need not spend unnecessarily on fast travel. Instead, you can book tickets for other not-so-fast trains like Garib Rath. Despite being low-priced, they offer you good facilities like they are equipped with AC to ensure a better traveling experience.
  5. Pack Your Food – Eating outside, of course, costs you more than homemade food. While you have the opportunity to pack your food from home, then you must utilize it. Also, remember to carry your water bottle. Though you can buy the one from stations coming in the way, it’s convenient to pack from home as it saves you money, especially in long travels.
  6. Order Food Online at Lower Cost – For long travels, you can’t pack food for your entire journey. There’s a solution – websites and apps that provide food catering services on the train. You can order your favorite food via these apps and take advantage of discounts and extra cashback provided by them.How to order food online via apps?
    To order your food on the train via apps, you must enter your travel details like train number, PNR number, and seat/berth. That’s all you have to do. At the next station, your food will arrive and reach your seat.
  1. Use Coupon Codes – Coupons can save you a lot of money on train ticket booking charges. When booking your train ticket via apps, you can use coupons and get a discount on the ticket charges paid. Isn’t it a great way to save money?

In The End

The train is the most accessible and cost-effective way to travel. Whether you have to travel for a short or a long journey, you can make your bookings by train as it is affordable.

By employing the tips in this post and checking the Indian train running status, you can make your journey convenient and less costly. Finally, have a happy and safe journey!


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