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Passengers can instantly check the IRCTC PNR status of the tickets on Quick Tatkal using their PNR number displayed in the top left corner of the train ticket. Enter the aforementioned 10-digit PNR number before clicking the “Check PNR Status” button. Quick Tatkal lets you stay updated with your IRCTC PNR status check before starting the train journey so that you can make an informed decision on your trip. You can check the status on our website or our advanced, easy-to-use mobile app. Download the app now to access more valuable facilities for your travel decisions.

What’s the importance of PNR Status?

PNR number contains the personal information of the passenger. Train booking PNR status includes the trip schedule for each passenger travelling alone or in a group. It indicates if the ticket is reserved against cancellation, confirmed, or on the waiting list (WL) (RAC). In addition to the essential information regarding train arrival and departure times, IRCTC PNR status online offers details on the coach and seat number, train name & number, the passenger’s travel class, booking status, distance traveled, current status and the travel fare.
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How is the PNR number allotted for a train ticket?

The computerised ticketing system for Indian Railways assigns a unique 10-digit number to each purchased ticket. The first digit of the PNR number indicates the origin railway station’s Indian railway zone. Here is the number that indicates the respective zones:
  • 1 – Secunderabad PRS (SCR) Zone
  • 2, 3 – New Delhi PRS (NR, NCR, NWR, NER) Zones
  • 4, 5 – Chennai PRS (SR, SWR, SCR) Zones
  • 6, 7 – Kolkata PRS (NFR, ECR, ER, EcoR SER, SECR) Zones
  • 8, 9 – Mumbai PRS (CR, WCR, WR) Zones

How to check your PNR status?

Follow the below steps to check your train ticket PNR status online:

  • Go to the Quick Tatkal website or mobile app.
  • Click on the “Check PNR Status” tab that will take you to our train PNR status online enquire page.
  • Next, enter the 10-digit PNR number provided in your ticket in the given box before submitting by clicking the “Check PNR Number” Button.
  • Now you can see the details associated with your PNR confirmation update.

Why choose Quick Tatkal for PNR status inquiry?

  • Live PNR Status Enquiry
  • 100% prediction accuracy of ticket confirmation
  • Get quick updates on PNR live updates through notifications and alerts
  • Get all the train, passenger, and journey details through PNR check online status enquiry
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FAQs regarding PNR status in Quick Tatkal

What is PNR confirmation probability?

PNR confirmation probability is an online function that indicates the probability that a waiting list or RAC booking will result in a confirmed ticket. It is defined using color codes and percentages. If the probability percentage is 50%, it indicates no chance of confirmation. However, when the probability percentage of a PNR status check is between 50% to 80%, the ticket has the lowest chance of getting confirmed. If the probability percentage is beyond 81%, the odds are it has a 100% confirmation possibility.

How to check PNR status enquiry through the website and mobile app?

You can quickly and easily check your IRCTC train PNR status online on Quick Tatkal. Our platform avails flexibility with PNR status enquiry. You can check it through our web-based platform, Quick Tatkal mobile app, email, and SMS sent to you through our service network. Enter your PNR number in the PNR status enquiry box and click the “Check PNR Status” button. You can instantly see the real-time status on your device screen. Note that to receive automatic PNR status change updates, notifications, and alerts, agree to the Quick Tatkal accesses or do a custom setup via the setting option. 

How can Train charting relate to PNR status?

When establishing the final chart preparation of the train, the PNR number plays a crucial role according to the rules for chart production. This chart includes the PNR number, age, passenger name, gender, train number, coach number, and seat berth number posted outside the train. You can know the ticket confirmation status through the train PNR status check

How long your PNR number would be valid?

The PNR is cancelled once the train arrives at its destination and completes its journey, and it is valid for just one-time trips. When you book a ticket for the next trip, a different PNR will be assigned to you, and the chart will be created using that unique PNR number.

When you book an IRCTC train ticket, every passenger will be allotted a unique PNR number. However, when you make a group booking, the PNR number will stay the same for everyone in the group. But it would be the same for the entire group. You should note that IRCTC allows a maximum of 6 tickets to be booked on each PNR and only four tickets on the tatkal quota.

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