Do You Know This About Your IRCTC PNR Status Online?

Do You Know This About Your IRCTC PNR Status Online?

PNR, Passenger Name Record, is a unique 10-digit number you must check before boarding your train. It is assigned to every train ticket booked on Indian Railways. The IRCTC PNR status online lets you know about the status of your ticket, whether it is confirmed, on the waiting list or cancelled.


14 PNR Status Codes of IRCTC – You Must Know

Whenever you enter the PNR number to check your ticket status, it will show you one of the below-mentioned 14 codes. They inform you of the live status of your train ticket. Read the description along with the codes to understand what they mean:


  1. CNF – CNF is the abbreviation used for confirmation. If you get this code after entering the PNR number, your ticket is confirmed, and you are sure to travel. Along With you will be shown the coach and seat number.


  1. WL – WL is the abbreviation used for Waiting List. When your PNR status shows WL, it means you are on the passenger list waiting for their tickets to confirm. It is due to seat unavailability that you don’t get a berth. You might get confirmation if the railway attaches additional coaches or someone renounces seats from the reserved quota.


Note – If your position is not improving on the waiting list, you are ineligible for boarding the train. Instead of waiting, you may cancel your train ticket up until half an hour before the departure of the train.


  1. RAC – RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. When you check your train booking PNR status, and it shows RAC, you will have to share a berth with any other passenger with the same status. If too many people cancel their tickets, you might get a full berth.


  1. TQWL – TQ is an abbreviated term for Tatkal Quota, and WL, as mentioned earlier, represents Waiting List. So, this status also shows your ticket on the waiting list, but it’s when you have made your booking under Tatkal Scheme.


  1. WEBCAN – The code WEBCAN represents that you have booked your ticket offline, cancelled it online on and have not collected your refund.


  1. WEBCANRF – WEBCANRF means that your ticket was booked at the railway counter, cancelled online, and your refund has been made to your dedicated bank account.


  1. PQWL –Pooled Quota Waiting List is the full form of PQWL. It is another type of waiting list that depicts people whose rail tickets have very little chance of confirmation. Persons shown this IRCTC PNR status online¬†will get an opportunity to travel only if someone from Tatkal Quota gives up their ticket, which is rare because, from Tatqal, anyone sparsely cancels their ticket. Even though the ticket confirmation chances are low, you should not lose hope. Keep checking your PNR status online until the final reservation charts are prepared.


  1. GNWL PNR – The GNWL PNR has a General Waiting List status. If you see this status, you can get your ticket confirmed if passengers with already confirmed tickets cancel.


  1. RLWL – When travelling between intermediate stations, the railway department issues you RLWL tickets. RLWL stands for Remote Location Wait List, which entails a high chance of getting confirmed. The railway department reserves a set quota of seats for a journey between 2 particular stations on a train route, so these seats mostly remain unoccupied. Before a trip, when the chart is prepared, the RLWL list gets cleared promptly.


  1. RSWL – RSWL stands for RoadSide Waiting List and has few chances of getting confirmed. The customers who book the train rocket from the source (originating) station until a small station occurs on its route get this ticket.

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