Why Quick Tatkal For Train Ticket Booking

Quick Tatkal is India’s FASTEST online tatkal train ticket booking app for IRCTC India, in which you can fill all the details before tatkal time in a form, and all the details would get automatically filled while you book the ticket on IRCTC. Quick Tatkal is a fast tatkal ticket booking app for IRCTC in India which supports autofill of both IRCTC Website and IRCTC Rail Connect app.

Apart from online tatkal ticket booking, it provides IRCTC live train status online, PNR status (Instant WhatsApp PNR update), seat availability, food booking in train makes Quick Tatkal an all-in-one train app.

Ticket Booking PNR Status Running Status

Online Railway Ticket Booking Website - Tatkal

You can carry out Indian Railway online ticket booking for Tatkal quota in the fastest online train ticket booking app of India, Quick Tatkal
Quick Tatkal provides the best and advanced autofill solution for booking tatkal tickets in a flash of time for railway booking website IRCTC as well as IRCTC Rail Connect app. And Quick Tatkal is the

Only tatkal train ticket booking app

in India in which you can enjoy the following features on the go

Indian Railway Ticket Booking Website - General

Not just limited to tatkal booking, you can do regular IRCTC train ticket booking online as well with ease in just few clicks. Quick Tatkal also provide ₹100 cashback on first ticket booking.

Book Train Ticket Online

  • Travel Guarantee
    Get alternate flight, bus or train ticket if your ticket doesn’t get confirmed and remains waitlisted.
  • Free Cancellation
    Full refund if you cancel your train ticket.

PNR Status

Quick Tatkal provides you PNR status check feature to check status of your IRCTC train ticket of Indian Railways.

  • What is PNR status?

    PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. PNR number is the unique number by which every train ticket is identified. It is mostly used to check the current status of the train ticket, whether it is confirmed, RAC or waitlisted. To check PNR status, you can also use Quick Tatkal app, in which you can also view your train ticket’s PNR status directly on WhatsApp. It will show the current status of all the passengers travelling, and the train scheduled departure time.

  • Confirmation chances of PNR

    As the confirmed and RAC tickets get cancelled, the waitlisted PNRs get confirmed. It means, suppose your current status is WL10, your ticket would get confirmed if 10 confirmed tickets get cancelled. Confirmation chances are highly dependent on other factors as well like festivals, weekends, vacations, season, etc.

Check Live Train Status Online

How to check live train status in Quick Tatkal?

Get answer to the question of Where is my train. To check live train running status online in Quick Tatkal, open the app, click on Running Status, enter train number (or start entering train name and select a train from the list), then click on Search.
In the running status shown on screen, you can also change train’s start date from source to view running status of that day
In this way, you can have live train status check of Indian Railways online in Quick Tatkal


Can I book train tickets without an IRCTC account?

No. IRCTC account is must to book train tickets. If you don’t have one, you can easily create it on IRCTC website or IRCTC Rail Connect app

How to create IRCTC account?

You can follow steps given in the article below to create IRCTC account https://www.india.com/travel/articles/step-by-step-guide-open-irctc-account-book-train-tickets-5060567

Money deducted, but ticket not booked

If money has been debited from your account and ticket is not booked, you will automatically get 100% refund from IRCTC in your account within 7 business days.

Ticket cancellation charges and rules

Complete information on refund amount on ticket cancellation and cancellation rules can be found on IRCTC website here: https://contents.irctc.co.in/en/CancellationRulesforIRCTCTrain.pdf

How many days before does train bookings start for General and for Tatkal quota?

For Tatkal quota, booking window opens 1 day before the start date of the train from source station. For General quota, bookings open 120 days prior to start date of the train from source.

At what time, does Tatkal and General ticket bookings open?

Tatkal Quota: For AC classes, bookings start at 10:00 AM and For non AC classes, bookings start at 11:00 AM General Quota: Bookings will start at 8:00 AM 120 days prior to train's start date from source

How many passengers can be added in 1 ticket booking?

Maximum 6 passengers and 2 children (below 5 years) are allowed for booking in General quota in a single booking, while in Tatkal quota, 4 passengers and 2 children (below 5 years) are allowed.

What is age criteria and concession available for "Opt berth”?

Children with minimum 5 years and maximum 11 years have an option to opt berth.
If you select "Opt Berth" option while booking (in passenger details page), a berth (seat) will be allotted to the passenger. If you uncheck it, berth will NOT be allotted and only 50% of ticket amount will be charged for that passenger.

How many bookings can I make in a month from one IRCTC account?

You can book 6 tickets in a month from one account. If you want to book more than 6 tickets, you can do so by linking Aadhar of passengers. You can book up to 12 tickets in a month by linking your Aadhar. After you link Aadhar, you can book more than 6 tickets (up to 12 tickets) in a month if at least one aadhar verified passenger is selected while booking. Know how to link Aadhar of passengers in IRCTC: https://www.livemint.com/news/india/book-12-train-tickets-in-a-month-by-linking-aadhaar-with-irctc-how-to-do-it-11637316751428.html

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