Tatkal Scheme Features in Indian Railways: Tatkal Rules

Tatkal Scheme Features in Indian Railways: Tatkal Rules

Indian Railways has undergone vast digitalization, enabling travelers to book their tickets online. The Indian government has started the Tatkal scheme, which states the rules, procedures, and price of tatkal ticket booking. It is one of the most valuable schemes where travelers can book their immediate tickets when required. Suppose you suddenly need to go to another city, then tatkal ticket booking can help you in traveling safely and comfortably. If you are new to ticket booking in Indian Railways, then we can help you understand all the features this scheme offers.

Features that the Tatkal scheme offers

These are the following features that a citizen gets by this scheme;

  • Timings

The booking for AC tatkal tickets starts at 10:00 hours one day before. The day of the journey when the train leaves are not counted in this. The non-AC tatkal ticket booking starts at 11:00 hours. Similarly, one day before and the day of the journey are not counted.

  • Duration to get the ticket

The passengers can get the reservation on a tatkal basis only till the chart is not formed. After the formation of the chart, the tatkal ticket scheme can not work on those days’ tickets. When the charts are being prepared, if the management finds vacant tatkal seats, they are sanctioned to RAC. This goes to the waiting list and is then allotted to the waitlisted passengers. The passenger doesn’t need to give any tatkal fare in such a case.

  • No change of names

If the passenger has made the reservation under this scheme, then, later on, the operation of changing the names can not happen. This is because the procedure to change the booking name after reservation is not given in the tatkal ticket.

  • No duplicate ticket

There is no service for providing a duplicate tatkal ticket for any reservation. It is only provided in some cases where the tatkal fare and the orginial ticket charge have been paid.

What are the charges for the tatkal reservation?

The tatkal ticket price is determined by taking a fixed proportion of your fare. This is the amount the person needs to pay as per the class they choose for travel. For the second class, the charges are 10% of the basic fare. Similarly, the charges are taken as 30% of the primary ticket fare for other classes. However, these fares are later determined by the maximum and minimum charges. Tatkal tickets are given only to the passengers who pay their full fare. The concessional fare ticket is not fit for coming under the tatkal ticket booking scheme. Moreover, they sometimes follow distance restrictions depending on the city and time of booking.

Cancellation of Tatkal tickets

The tatkal tickets can be canceled anytime. However, irrespective of the day and time of cancellation, the tatkal tickets will not be refunded if they have been confirmed. Therefore, the refund is given only for unconfirmed tatkal reservations.

The refund will be given if the tickets have been canceled 30 minutes before the train leaves as per the booking. Moreover, if someone cancels the waitlisted tatkal ticket, it can also become eligible for a refund.

If the ticket has been confirmed for a waitlisting passenger or a RAC, even before the development of charts, then it will not be refunded. Moreover, if the train has become late by 3+ hours from the time of departure or has been canceled due to unforeseen reasons, then it will be refunded. To get the refund in this condition, the passenger must file a claim with a reason as Ticket Deposit Receipt.

Moreover, if the train route has changed and the passenger doesn’t want to go through that diverted route, they become eligible for a refund. It also counts the exclusion of the passenger’s train station in diverting the train route. Similarly, the passenger will get a refund if the ticket has been given in a lower class. The fare difference will be refunded if the passenger accepts the lower-class ticket.


The tatkal scheme features a convenient way of traveling through railways. Anyone from anywhere can book a train before their traveling. This helps in saving time while making the process effortless. Quick Tatkal is an online platform offering Tatkal ticket booking services for Indian Railways. They have a fast processing service that helps book tickets faster and more efficiently. You can visit their website to get the benefits of the tatkal ticket booking service to travel hassle-free.

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