Premium Tatkal Booking: Everything You Need to Know

Premium Tatkal Booking: Everything You Need to Know

Made a sudden travel plan and need to make your train reservations? Indian Railways has got you covered with its tatkal booking feature. It is an effortless and quick way of booking your tickets and getting a reservation for your next train travel. Indian Railways has formed a well-established scheme for Premium tatkal booking where passengers can book their immediate tickets online. It was introduced in 2014 by the government. Tatkal tickets and premium tatkal tickets are very similar except for the charges. So if you are a passenger wanting to know about Premium tatkal tickets, then you have come to the right place.

Understanding premium tatkal booking

Premium tatkal tickets is a new quote for reservation launched by Indian Railways. The train ticket fare depends upon the dynamic nature of the process. The booking process begins at 10 am for AC and 11 am for non-AC, similar to tatkal tickets. The dynamic fare means the extra fare charged upon the confirmation of the ticket. The amount is approximately double the fare charged on the tatkal ticket.

How is a Premium tatkal ticket different from a tatkal ticket?

The main difference is the price between both types of tickets. Tatkal ticket is determined as per the distance charges; however, the premium tatkal ticket is charged dynamically, so the value can also change. Mainly the availability of Premium tatkal tickets stays even after opening for a few hours; however, the tatkal tickets get exhausted fast after opening. Tatkal tickets can be taken at the ticket window also. However, it depends upon the waitlist availability, which is challenging. Instead, the premium tatkal ticket can not be bought at the ticket counter. Therefore, the tatkal ticket is cheaper than the premium ticket for a distance.

The Premium tatkal price is calculated by summing up the basic train and tatkal fare, which accounts for around 10 to 30%. So it is taken to the upper limit, and the maximum charges can go up to 30%, which can be around Rs. 400. The main of the Premium tatkal ticket is to offer a quick booking experience to the passengers. This offers a better service approach toward the customers.

Some features of Premium tatkal ticket booking

Here, we are discussing a few Premium tatkal ticket booking factors that can help you understand this scheme better.

  • Tatkal ticket booking regulations also apply to premium tatkal ticket booking.
  • The dynamic fare system states that the fare price can be increased depending on ticket demand. Therefore, if the demand increases, the fare price will also increase.
  • The ARP [Advanced Reservation Period] remains the same for Premium tatkal ticket reservations.
  • The waitlisting or RAC is not applicable in the case of the Premium tatkal ticket booking case. The reservation is decided by the demand received.
  • The premium tatkal ticket booking only provides e-tickets. Therefore, the i-ticket booking is not valid for Premium tatkal booking.
  • There is no concession norm for the Premium tatkal quota. Therefore, this process also charges children’s tickets in full.
  • During the booking, the passenger must have their ID card in original form to provide their identity proof.
  • If the ticket is canceled after cancellation, the passenger will not get any refund.
  • The passengers can get their Premium tatkal booking reserved one day prior to the departure day.

Cancellation and refund

If the passenger has canceled the tickets after confirmation and chart formation, then they will not be subjected to any refund from the PT fare. Some fixed case scenarios are eligible for getting the refund, such as;

  • If the train gets diverted to a different path after the booking, the passenger can choose whether they want to travel through that. In case of non-acceptance, the passenger will get a complete refund.
  • Similarly, if the diverted path doesn’t include the train station of the passenger, then the passenger will get a complete refund. However, he will need to file a ticket on the platform.
  • If the allotted ticket to the passenger is lower than he chose and he is not willing to travel through that, he will also receive a refund.


Premium ticket booking is a fast way of getting your tickets. They are a bit more pricey than the tatkal tickets, but they also serve the purpose better. If you are looking for an efficient online platform to book your train tickets, Quick tatkal can help you. It offers a seamless experience in booking tatkal tickets for passengers in no time.

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