10 Most Common Doubts Related to Live Train Running Status

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10 Most Common Doubts Related to Live Train Running Status

The digital era made tracking the status of trains easier than ever before. You need your digital device handy and good internet working; within a few clicks, you can access the live train running status while staying in your comfort zone. If you have come across this technology for the first time, certain doubts must pop into your mind. Well, we have created this blog to burst them and assist you in having a convenient journey via train. Go through the entire blog to make the best use of this technology.


List of Common Doubts Regarding Live Train Running Status


Doubt 1: How accurate is the live train running status?

The location is determined using robust technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System) and trackside equipment. It shows accurate results provided you have a good internet connection and a reliable train status-tracking app installed. Check out Quick Tatkal, where you can book a train ticket and check the live train status online conveniently and accurately.


Doubt 2: How do I check the live train running status?

You can install mobile apps on your phone or track train status through the website easily while sitting anywhere and at any time.


Doubt 3: What information can I get from the live train running status?

Live train running status provides the necessary information to make your train journey convenient. You can track the current location of your train, its estimated arrival time at the station, and any delays or early arrival.


Doubt 4: Does the train running status inform about the platform number?

In most cases, train running status provides information about the platform number on which the train will arrive or depart. However, you must note that it’s only possible in some cases as train running status is unavailable for all stations or trains. You may turn to railway inquiry departments if the information is unavailable online.


Doubt 5: Do I get an update if my train is delayed or gets rescheduled?

If the train gets delayed or rescheduled, you get an update. However, it is advised to verify the information with the railway authorities and ask for alternate arrangements or rescheduling options.


Doubt 6: How does checking the live train running status benefits?

There are numerous reasons why you must check the live train running status. By checking your train status, you can:

  • Plan your journey effectively
  • Prepare adequately for any unforeseen events
  • Stay informed about the details of your train journey
  • Avoid inconvenience due to train delays


Doubt 7: What does ETA mean?

ETA stands for the Estimated Time of Arrival. When you track your train’s live status, the time shown with “ETA” written alongside signifies the time your train is supposed to arrive. However, you must note that its name suggests, it’s an estimate, and variations may happen.


Doubt 8: Does the train live status inform about train diversion or route change?

Train routes may get altered due to track maintenance, accidents, or other reasons. You can learn about them with the help of live train running status. It accurately reflects such changes; you can check it with the railway authorities later.


Doubt 9: Can I know the train speed with the live train running status?

Yes, you can know the train’s speed and estimated arrival time of your train with a live train running status. However, you must note that those are the approximate values and may vary due to weather changes, speed restrictions, and delayed depart from stations coming in the way.


Doubt 10: Do I get updates during natural disasters or emergencies?

Natural calamities may occur anytime and impact the train’s arrival time. You can learn about the same by checking the live train running status.


Importance of Tracking Live Train Running Status

Know compelling reasons why you must track the live running status of your train online –


  • Saves Time – Live train running status makes the details about train arrival and departure available at your fingertips. You can plan your schedule accordingly and save time by escaping long waiting times at railway stations due to train delays.


  • Reduces Stress –When accurate and reliable information is available easily online, the stress about the journey usually lessens. You no longer worry about busy phone lines at the railway department as accessing each detail about your train journey becomes convenient through online technology on your mobile phones or laptops.


  • No Rush– The best part about live train running status is that you don’t have to rush to the railway station. You can learn in advance about the estimated arrival time of your train through online train running status and leave for the station on time.


  • Better Planning – You can plan your journey effectively by observing your train’s location. For instance, if you have come for a trip and will leave by train and in case your train gets delayed, you can know it through your phone and extend your enjoyment a little longer.


  • Escape Inconvenience– Train schedules usually alter during natural disasters or other emergencies. During that time, passengers make multiple calls to the railway department, which turns the line busy when you call. In such a situation, online train running status becomes the best aid that helps escape inconveniences by providing updated information on your digital device.


  • Ensures Safety –When near and dear ones travel via train, and the train gets delayed, or a natural disaster happens, worry tends to happen. During that time, the live train running status helps track the exact location and provides peace of mind.



Wrapping Up

You are missing your comfort if you take trains frequently but do not use this technology. You must utilize this technology fully to make your train journey experience seamless. It is easy to use. The most common doubts have already been discussed in the blog. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and install the most reliable live train status tracking application – Quick Tatkal, and immerse yourself in a leisurely train journey experience.

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