Running Train Status: What Do You Want to Know?

running train status

Running Train Status: What Do You Want to Know?

It is no surprise that Indian railways consistently rank on the list for having the most extensive railway network. They handle everything readily, whether maintaining thousands of employees, rail tracks, railway stations, and hundreds of trains.

And with time, Indian railways are flourishing and providing extremely convenient traveling to its travelers. They are working with technological advancements. Amongst all the things, they adopted the most helpful and innovative technology: providing real-time information to travelers.

Is it the answer to any query related to the live train status? Yes, you can now quickly check the live status of your train. Now the thing is that in the present day, people can skip standing in those long queues at the railway station to ask the staff about the operating times and other questions. Let us grab more information about the running status of a train.

What is the train running status?

In the Indian Railways, all the trains are assigned a fixed path and railway tracks to cover different stations and serve those cities. The running status helps show how far you have traveled from the previous station and which will be the next station. It is one initiative by Indian Railways to remove all the hassle and complex processes for railway-related queries. Moreover, it enables you to understand how delayed the train is from its actual and approximate timing to reach your destination. Use QuickTatkal for any question related to your train.

What is the importance of knowing the running status of the train?

When planning to travel by train, it is essential to know the status. Imagine you are in time to catch the train, but your train is delayed by 2 hours. The situation is frustrating and uncomfortable when you find that a particular train is running late and you cannot know this beforehand.

Keeping this in mind, railways have provided significant help to its travelers. You can know the trains’ real-time arrival and departure information and significantly reduce the actual and expected waiting times.

With the help of the QuickTatkal App, you can easily see the running status of the train and enjoy it entirely.


live train running status

What does running status provide you?

The real-time tracking and GPS-enabled train aid in spotting your train’s live location and planning your travel; schedule more efficiently. You can check your train’s last reported site with the estimated arrival time and departure time for the following upcoming railway stations in the route with the help of live status. Let us understand what other information it can provide:

Current departure or halt status: You can quickly locate your train’s recent departure and halt status. The current location will be highlighted in blue color.

The number of stations en route: When you spot the train feature, you will get to know the number of stations, the date of the journey, exact timings, arrival or departure time, the current status of the train, or any delay in the train. You can figure out anything with the help of train live status.

Status for the next three days: The live train running status will provide you with the accurate position of the train runnings for the next three days. It will help to know when the train reaches its destination.

How to check the live status with QuickTatkal?

Quicktatkal is one of the most accessible platforms to work with. You can readily find the running status of the train. Do you want to learn the straightforward procedure to continue? Here are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Download the Quick Tatkal app.
  • Now open the app and tap on the running status.
  • After you have done this, enter the IRCTC train name and number in the spaces given.
  • Now click the ‘search button for your live train status.’
  • Next, the live train’s location will appear on the dashboard. You can get the answer to your query with this.

How does running status work?

Live status is a convenient way to find out the exact running status of the train to the passengers. This status is updated in real-time by the Indian railway based on the train’s movement and communication with the train crew. Moreover, a GPS is also installed on the locomotive that pushes and pulls the train. So, when the locomotive leaves its source station, the GPS device tracks its departure and information on all upcoming stations the train will travel through. You can check the train’s running status through the official website or app.


indian train running status

What is NTES?

NTES is referred to as the National Train Enquiry System, an advanced system of IRCTC that helps the public gather information about the trains operated by it. The backend system helps provide information such as live train tracking, the schedule of the trains, PNR status, information about any delays, diversions, rescheduling, etc. The website was compatible with Windows in 2013. It is one of the easy-to-use applications with multiple interfaces.

It uses GPS tracking to easily spot your train through a mobile, laptop, or any other device. They provide complete detail on the distance between the stations and estimated time to travel. It has made the life of many people easier. So, when you find it hard to check the running status of the train, you can readily find them on the app.

How QuickTatkal emerged as the most helpful mate?

Quick Tatkal has set an example in helping a desirable number of people to get their running status on the train and even book the tickets conveniently. You don’t have to worry about running late or early for your train using their app.

Quick Tatkal is here to answer all your queries so that now you focus more on natural sceneries and diversified landscapes.

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